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BOURN | a bound, limit

collaboration with Karolina Skonieczna

In many mystical traditions, belief systems, earthly and celestial learnings a lake which is often a shelter to magical powers, is the symbol of femininity and a generous source of fertility. Considered as one of the most substantial of natural wonders, a lake which has been interpreted in various ways symbolizes tranquility, hope, duality, a border between superficial and profound, resurrection, but most of all it gives and nourishes lives. Therefore, like a fertile womb, the shores of Le da Rina offer a nest for Bourn which is on the edge of its fragility.
Standing on the border between a self-contained natural object within a traditional gallery setting, and a rearranged non-functional natural artefact on the site; Bourn draws observers’ attention to the dissonance of the contemporary age and the fragility embodied in its very core. The piece consists of eighteen recycled ostrich egg shells, laid or suspended within a translucent box, exhibited with care - like a precious museum showpiece. The egg shell represents the border between life and death. The imperceptible transparent frame blurs the boundaries between the setting and fragile objects that were intended for isolated appraisal. The arrangement allows for full engagement of the object with the respective environment. 

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