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PATH 108


For thousands of years, the number 108 was always been a number of high significance in many mystical traditions, belief systems, earthly and celestial learnings. Considered as one of the most auspicious of numbers, it has been used in various ways and interpreted in different fashions. Some believes that the unity and wholeness of the human existence is represented by the number 108. In that sense, 1 stands for higher truth, 0 stands for emptiness, and 8 stands for eternity. Others affirm that there are 108 stages on the life journey of a human soul; while some associates the number 108 to the overall types of human feelings of which 36 relates to past, 36 to present and the last 36 to future; or as Buddhism portrays, there are 108 earthly
temptations, lies or desires to overcome in order to achieve the eternal enlightenment; this is the very reason why the Zen priests’ prayer beads around their necks are made of 108 beads.

‘Path 108’ invites you to a journey; a journey through the stones connected by a meandering ribbon which creates an infinite circle.

For some ‘Path 108’ which shelters the past, present and future in its own entity, is a monument that reminds them their own life journey through time and space; while for others it serves as an instrument that allows them to slow down by taking one step after another in order to calm their mind and become one with the surrounding nature, like a massive prayer beads that helps the meditators to chant their mantras while meditating. For many individuals ‘Path 108’ accentuates an open space to relax and enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of a beautiful natural environment; while for kids it’s a giant play equipment serving to their vast imaginations.

Alternating through the seasons or even from one day to another, ‘Path 108’ offers various opportunities to everyone who seeks an eschewal from the daily turmoil of our peculiar era.

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