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courtesy of  GILLESPIES

type: residential
location: moscow/ russia
year: 2017
team: oliver smith - gökçe gerekli yılmaz - victoria bellasei

client: Capital Group

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Zolotoy is a luxury residential project located in a breathtaking riverside location across from the Kremlin in Moscow, which aims to redefine and benchmark urban living in the city. The landscape design of the project feature a collection of modern garden spaces, each with its own unique and sophisticated ambiance, offering residents a charming environment to unwind and socialize.

Nestled near the esteemed historic center of Moscow, on the picturesque Sofiyskaya Embankment, Zolotoy represents an exquisite fusion of old-world charm and modern architectural elegance. This exceptional development seamlessly integrates a combination of existing historic structures and complementary contemporary designs, resulting in a harmonious blend of architectural styles.

The arrangement of the structures creates four partially enclosed courtyards in the northern, southern, eastern, and western sections of the property. These well-designed courtyards provide an exquisite blend of private and semi-private green areas, adorned with lush vegetation and unique art installations. These inviting spaces offer residents an ideal setting to mingle, engage in recreational activities, and find tranquility throughout the seasons. Whether one seeks social interaction or a peaceful retreat, these thoughtfully curated courtyards cater to diverse needs and ensure a harmonious living experience

At the rooftop level, every block of the development features a selection of apartments that boast expansive private terrace spaces, providing unparalleled vistas of the surrounding cityscape. These carefully designed terraces offer residents an exclusive opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the vibrant city from the comfort of their own homes. The thoughtfully planned private terraces serve as an extension of the living spaces, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living, while providing an elevated experience of urban living in the heart of the city.

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