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courtesy of  GILLESPIES

type: residential
location: moscow/ russia
year: 2017
team: oliver smith - karolina skonieczna - gökçe gerekli yılmaz - diego mazzei

client: PSN Group


The masterplan for Pravda creates an attractive, contemporary residential-led mixed-use development in Moscow that combines contemporary living wit iconic heritage at the historic Pravda print works in north west Moscow. The new development provides a seamless blend of residential, commercial and office spaces.


Designs establishes a high quality landscape destination that offers a distinct and appealing destination for residents and visitors alike. Influenced by the expression of constructivism in art and design, the layout seeks to provide residents, office workers and the wider community with opportunities for activity, play, socializing, relaxation and escape, all immediately accessible from the adjacent apartments.

The key site opportunities include the historically significant buildings, as well as the new architecture. The tension between the two creates a series of
distinct spaces allowing the landscape design to explore exciting and unique concept ideas for the urban park, the courtyard and pocket spaces as well
as sports facilities; all interlinked by a central spine supported by a network of direct and indirect circulation routes and statement feature structures.

Limited number of edge types and materials.
• Subtle edges - do not contrast with adjacent paving material.
• Raised kerbs along main roads within the development. 50mm upstand based on the principles of the UK Homezone to further differentiate this development from its rivals. This type of kerb arrangement gives the space a more relaxed feel where residents can wOnder down the road.
• Double kerbs to prevent parking along retail street.
• Pin kerbs as edges to contrasting setts used in courtyard
• Steel edging to all plant beds and gravel areas.
• Metal edging to tilted lawns areas.


Clear family of timber site furniture
• Timeless design
• Timber seat elements in different shapes and lengths to suit character areas.
• Customizable elements (e.g color) that can be used throughout this and other phases.
• Cycle stand at key locations.
• Litter bins at key locations.


Planting provides a softening of the built environment, humanizing space, improving the microclimate and providing a natural seasonal sense of time. The critical considerations in the soft landscape strategy is the provision of mature trees of a stature that can compliment the building facades and scale of the external spaces. These trees will provide the vital sense of nature and woodland /urban park character.

Within this structure other planting types can be introduced that build on the concept themes. The planting will respond to the form and orientation of the site to create a relaxing green spaces with appropriate edge screening to the residential apartments.

The planting approach, including developing planting palettes and species mixes, will respond to climatic requirements, local native species/ biodiversity and consider availability and procurement within the following work stage. Where feature planting may be required that is non-native a assessment will be made to ensure selected species are well suited to the climatic zone and weather conditions of the site.

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