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courtsey of DS LANDSCAPE

type: residential

location: ataköy/ istanbul

site: 128.000 m2  

construction site: 500.000 m2

landscape project: 165.186 m2  

project year: 2011

team: deniz aslan - gökçe gerekli yılmaz- ümit tarık yaşar - selda ipek - ezgi yurdakul - burçin candan - burçak erkmen

architectural project: Evrenol Architects

Which is built on approximately 128 000 m2 of land, the  project denotes a synthesis of the contemporary architectural approaches and the traditional formations that plans to build a new pattern of coastal life. The public space along the coastal strip, is one of the major elements that shape the landscape project. This green belt which embodies diverse forms of activity and life, such as, shoreline promenade axis, bicycle and pedestrian trails, urban square and meeting places, offers a variety of social platforms for both the residents living in Kat Ataköy and the surrounding neighborhoods.


From a contextual view, the green belt along the coastal strip presents a micro-scale importance, however  extention of the axis along the coast of Ataköy enhances its micro-scale importance, and gives it a macro-scale significance. On the border between the green and sea, this place which inherits  bicycle and pedestrian trails, resting and  meeting places,  prepares the background for the formation of many activities that will improve the quality of social life.

The parc area, which is one of the greatest spots on the shoreline acts as a central green band between the project zone and the sea. This particular zone which shelters diverse plantation textures, colorful parterres, recreation places and courts may be considered as a huge green urban milieu. This parc is an exceptional recreation area that includes coastal promenad axis with bycle and pedestrian rails. Located among two distinct water entities, this green buffer serves as a special meeting place.


Biological lagoon which is located between the public parc and inner site operates as a buffer zone. Compared to the waterfront, sustainable lagoon offers a calmer environment. This continous form of water enables the formation of restricted passage points between the parc and residential area and hence, facilitate the control of the unwanted pedestrian circulation within the inner site. A particular plant selection is made in order to emphasize the seasonal changes, and its effects on the landscape. In addition, this alternating environment is enhanced via evergreen plants which emphasize the percistence of green tones.

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