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Barış Eyikan Kılınç Urban Design Student Competition First Prize 

team: gökçe gerekli yılmaz - behiye gürevin

Reconsidering Antakya by Integrating the Old and the New:


The project is concerned with a wide range of urban regeneration methods from rehabilitation to gentrification. The city is studied within a different framework focusing on selected topics in Antakya context. For the regeneration of the city certain critical design issues such as urban identity, local culture, universality and sense of place are included. In addition to these, urban texture, neighborhoods, historical significance, religious structure, architectural monuments, natural and agricultural resouces, local vegetation and climate are important design elements.

Conceptual Design Idea:


The Heartbeats and The Fairy Tales as an Inpiration for the Reconsideration of the City; throughout the design process, the focal points are turned in to heartbeats and their stories as a step for inspiration are created.

Let’s embrace the Fairy Tales and the Reality within the Frame of Art; some specific words from the tales and their realistic responses

French Park:

The Pure Existence of Trees ----- Dominant Nature as a Landmark in the City Meditation ----- Recreation


Harmonious Rhythms ----- Different Sounds Mystic Atmosphere ----- Co-existence of different Crafts

Agora/Play of Senses ----- Humans/the City

Kurtuluş Avenue, Habib-i Neccar Mosque and Ancient Forum: Ancient Forum ----- Humans/the City Collonade ----- Art/Architecture

Habib-i Neccar Mosque ----- Architecture The Journey of Antioch ----- History/ History of Art/History of Architecture/History of Civilization


To Remember/Memory ----- Past/Present/Future Voice of Orontes ----- Natural Artifact


Strong Dominance of the Mount ----- Natural Artifact

Square and Ancient Roman Bridge:

Human Scale ----- Vernacular Art/Architecture Ancient Roman Bridge ----- Memory/Art/Architecture Clay Feets and Wings/Mosaic ----- Art

Square and Stadium: Olympic Games ----- Energy/Art/Architecture

Industrial Zone; Ancient Roman Palace and Agora:

Ancient Roman Palace ----- Unified Complex Devine Happenings ----- Art/Creativity Gods & Goddesses ----- Artists

Ancient Roman Gardens:

Heaven ----- The Garden Phylosophy/Landscape Architecture

Design Criterias:

3 phenomena concerning art and city and their reciprocal relationship


Art in Urban Space

Modernist and abstract sculpture placed outdoor to decorate and enrich the urban space Besides visual and spatial organization, it is an inscription which brings to city a specific voice


Urban Space as a Trace of Art

Design of permenant urban development supported by art and architecture/landscape correlations An integration of art and landscape


Art as Socialized Object/Process

Social phenomena and their responses by art Social life supported and enriched by art and crafts “Art performs a social function when it is made to be seen or used in public situations”

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