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Fetishism Exhibition:

The term “fetishism” is first used in 1757 by the French philosopher Charles de Brousse. The original term is “feiticio”, a Portuguese word which means “magical object”. This term is used by Portuguese sailors for the cultural products of various African tribes (masks, vodoo dolls, tools etc.). Other approaches to fetishism are developed by Freud in his theory about the infant fetishism and by Marx in his theory on the commodity fetishism. The two theories help to distinguish objects as “fetishistic”, some of which are further implemented by contemporary advertisers (perfume print ads and jewellery). Fetish; while representing or symbolizing an object, embraces an aesthetic context.


“Meu Feiticio”, is a digital work of mine displayed in the exhibition. When you contemplate it from a distance, you will see only lines flowing in the space, however if you get closer, you will see that these lines are the unified words. These constantly repeating french and english words are my fethish subjects.

I shared all of my fetishistic objects with the audience. 

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