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team: gökçe gerekli yılmaz- sevgi yücesan - müge durusu - behiye gürevin - harun ekinoğlu

Conceptual Study and Design Ideas:   To go down deep into the essence of Jerusalem requires the examination of her biochemical structure with a scientific point of departure. The cell model; a convenient metaphor for the diagnosis and the treatment of the anomalies that Jerusalem is facing today.


The Old City: The nucleus, the spatial container of the hereditary material, of the urban DNA. The extending urban fabric: The cytoplasm, which does not communicate well enough with the Old City, which does not host the functions that are vital to the sustainability of the life cycle. The cell membrane: Not coherent, the definition of the boundaries is lost with the fast urban sprawl. The hereditary material existent in the urban DNA and visible in the Old City, thus, can not be “transcripted” and “translated” into the new city. The current situation is one that can lead to “apoptosis”, the death of the cell.


The cell has a life cycle. It is born, it lives, and it is dead.


1.    Birth of the Cell: Beginnings of Existence The birth of the city is similar to the birth of the cell, coded by its DNA. The nucleus of the city stores the necessary energy in itself that can be used for the transformation of the city.


2.    Life of the Cell: Jerusalem before and after political, spatial and religious interventions Split of the cell into two without the duplication of the DNA – East Jerusalem’s loss of its memory Loss of collective identity –alienation


3.    Death of the Cell: Today and the inevitable future if Jerusalem is not healed If the cell is not isolated from the exterior interventions in the correct time, the nucleus dissolves, destroying both itself and the whole cell.


The “Shell of Life” has multi-dimensions both in space and in symbol. Vertically, it represents the different temporal layers of the city, and adds a new layer to all the stratification beginning from the Bronze Age, and this new layer is the contemporary layer. Horizontally, it embraces the city like a spider’s web, only setting its feet on the ground whenever it finds a convenient open space or a function to flourish. Thus, in the places where it touches the ground; it becomes spatial, where it is not; it sweeps as an idea carrying the past, the present and the future of the city in itself.One structure to be; Alive, Connective, Just, One, Peaceful, Respectful, Unifying

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